The Role of An Architect

The practice of architecture in Bangladesh has gone through several stages of growth. There are many examples of great architecture, such as those of Muzharul Islam, Louis Kahn, and Bashirul Haq, but they are too few and far between. As a young nation, for many years we have been in what I term as “survival […]

The Inheritance of Faith

  Religion is something which dictates much of our lives. The values instilled in us from childhood carry on throughout our existence, and it even attempts to postulate what comes later, after death. What happens to us after we die is a question which has haunted many. It’s likely to be the most important question […]

A New Beginning

After much deliberation and planning I’ve realized the best way to begin is to just start — plain and simple, without any expectations. This is a blog. A random string of chaotic posts pertaining to nothing and everything at the same time. It can be fluid and organic, but also sometimes (when possible) bouts of high-thought […]