A New Beginning

After much deliberation and planning I’ve realized the best way to begin is to just start — plain and simple, without any expectations. This is a blog. A random string of chaotic posts pertaining to nothing and everything at the same time. It can be fluid and organic, but also sometimes (when possible) bouts of high-thought philosophy.

My name is Amer Abdal Habib and I am random. The coming together of billions of molecules at a specific time in the history of the universe has resulted in what I am today. My thoughts, emotions, trials and tribulations are but a mere blip in the grand scheme of things. To be remembered long after I am gone is something I yearn for. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s an ego thing. Regardless, here I am — chronicling, yet again. This time it will be different. This time I am determined to be a better me and I owe it all to my love, my muse, my baby.

As I write this entry, I am sitting on my bed in the ‘old office house’ of Studio Mumbai Architects in Alibaug, Maharashtra. I am here my first ever internship in what may become a great architectural career (or not). I came on the 16th of February, which makes today my 9th day here so far; two days in-between I went back to Mumbai for TechCamp which was a great experience in-itself . I’ll get to that later. My upcoming entries over the net 3 months will be about my experiences here at SMA for the most part, but I’m sure there’ll be some other randomness mixed in-between.

Until next time, adios!


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