The Inheritance of Faith


Religion is something which dictates much of our lives. The values instilled in us from childhood carry on throughout our existence, and it even attempts to postulate what comes later, after death. What happens to us after we die is a question which has haunted many. It’s likely to be the most important question of all — one we’re unlikely to find an answer to (until it’s too late).

Somehow, our religion, something so fickle and random, determines our level of comfort in the afterlife; where we go and the climate we’ll experience. What bothers me most about this is not only does God have favorites but he predetermines and files (most of us) away before we’re alive.

As far as I can tell, most of us are born into our religions. We follow our fathers, as they followed theirs before them. But every so often, a shift and conversion occurs. Once, long ago in my lineage, we were Hindus, maybe Buddhists. Now, we are Muslims. Does that mean my ancestors are in hell?

No. Live a good life, and be good person. Coexist and be kind. That is the only true religion. We are all equally lost and confused, floating in space.

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