This Life is What We Make It

I’ve always been astounded by the world around me. Why do we make life so complicated? All of us engaged in a rat-race against each other, trying to get ahead. When can we just step back, look at our lives and realize that it’s enough. When will we be satisfied and recognize there’s no more that we could need or want? Always hungry to win, to succeed — but on whose terms? Who is it that dictates the image of success, and who put them in charge? I am the master of my life, the person who dictates my own image. Why should I bend to the expectations of the masses? As it is, we’re failing as a species, continuing to destroy the only home we’ll ever know. I pray that we someday realize our flaws and mistakes and begin to change our ways. For the betterment of this world, and the greater good, we must learn to work together. If we are to survive the madness and the greed must come to an end.

Simplicity and satisfaction are key.

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