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Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center

Academic Project – B.Arch Thesis [6 Months]


Bangladesh is developing into an industrial national with the production capabilities rivaling international standards. More and more investors are looking to Bangladesh as one of the next leading countries of opportunity. Unfortunately, business promotion is still a concept in an infant stage and is lagging behind in its formalization. Numerous expositions take place throughout the year, usually under temporary shelters or in rented spaces such as hotel ballrooms. The Export Promotion Bureau, in collaboration with the Chinese Government have proposed the construction of a purpose-built space for the promotion of business, trade and the formalization of a much demanded need.

Located in a primarily residential area, the Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Center has been designed to be an inclusive urban space. By breaking up the complex into three different zones with overlapping characteristics, the Center has a quality of adaptability, hosting the varying needs of the program. There is no fixed requirement as the type of exhibitions will vary from garment/leather manufacturing machineries to furniture fairs and auto shows.

As one progresses deeper into the center, the typology evolves; from an open urban space, to a semi-open covered to fully enclosed. This evolution creates different spaces catering to the different needs depending on the exhibition type, climatic conditions, etc.